Constructive 2017 presentations & reporting back


News release : 15 August 2017

Construction Industry develops practical plan at "all-of-industry" forum.

Simon Miller - Partner & Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

3rd August - Simon Miller's presentation to Constructive 'The Future of Construction' - as powerpoint online complete with video.
Presentation copy PDF [4585kb] (no video)

The Industry Transformation Agenda: panel sessions

NZ Industry Transformation Framework [Download PDF 50kb

The Future of Construction in the New Zealand Context : developing an Industry Transformation  Agenda.

Industry Transformation Panel Video: Construction in NZ

RMBA Members Day

Lara Tookey workshop results: Members will be advised when these are available as Lara has unfortunately been taken ill.

Photographs from Constructive 2017

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Constructive Programme

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New Zealand’s building and construction industry will come together in August, for the second “all-of-industry” Constructive Forum, just six weeks out from the General Election.  Building and housing is front and centre in people’s mind. Following the success of last year’s Forum, this year will focus on transformation.  The construction industry has traditionally been slow to transform and embrace the latest technological opportunities. Yet, rapid population growth in urban areas is putting pressure on housing and infrastructure all around the world. Transformation requires urgent action from individual companies, the sector as a whole, and Government – both as a regulator and a customer. Constructive will provide the opportunity for the wider industry to collaborate with Government and leaders from New Zealand’s major construction, architectural, engineering and property development firms to drive transformation and better address New Zealand’s construction issues. 

We will discuss how New Zealand and the sector can take advantage of the breadth of opportunities that are sweeping across the industry globally. These include pre-fabrication, modularization, automated building techniques, Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) and Business Information Modelling (BIM). These are gaining in popularity both in New Zealand and globally as organisations realise they can help solve many of the industry’s challenges.

The Constructive forum takes place at the Langham Hotel in Auckland from 2-4 August. 
We look forward to seeing you there.
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