Delegates Programme

Thursday 3 August
9.15am Welcome 
Simon Barber, President RMBA

Mr Barber will formally welcome participants to Constructive. His welcome will cover the Registered Master Builders Association’s view on the state of the industry, our aspirations for the sector and its importance to the economy. He will briefly touch on issues confronting the sector such as housing and immigration, but also underline the importance of certainty for the sector. Underlying his address will be the key message that the Construction sector must collaborate if it wants to respond meaningfully to New Zealand’s construction demands. 


The Future of the Construction Sector 
Simon Miller, Partner & Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group
Globally, technology and innovation is redefining the industry. Mr Miller, Partner & Managing Director from the Boston Consulting Group in Sydney, will talk about their work with the World Economic Forum on the future of the construction sector. The Boston Consulting Group and World Economic Forum have produced two insightful reports in their “Shaping the Future of Construction” series. The reports examine the industry’s present state and assesses relevant global trends and their impact on the industry. The reports feature many best practices and case studies of innovative approaches or solutions, and offers a compelling view of how the future of construction might look.

Of interest to New Zealand's construction sector is the industry-transformation framework which they have crafted highlighting key areas for action, such as strategy; business innovation; regulation and policy; technology; and public procurement. 


What to make of the World Economic Forum and BCG’s work on the sector’s future state?
Panel session.
Morning tea break


One year on from Constructive 2016
David Kelly CEO RMBA 

What’s happened since Constructive 2016? CEOs of major construction companies on New Zealand have united to standardise their approach to on-site health and safety. There is also promising work underway in the skills and capacity space, with progress made on more fit for purpose qualifications framework. Hear from key figures that have been involved in the work. 
Address from Government

The Government has been invited to speak on policies and priorities for the sector over the next five years particularly regarding transformation and innovation in the sector.
1:30pm Address from the Opposition 

The Leader of the Opposition has been invited to speak to Constructive on their key priorities and major policy initiatives to support the construction sector. 
2.00pm Moving forward: how does New Zealand’s sector keep up?
Panel session

New Zealand’s construction sector, in all its forms, is central to the economy. The sector generates the equivalent of 8% GDP activity in New Zealand.

Demand for building and construction in New Zealand is at record highs. The Government’s five year forecast of construction activity in New Zealand – suggests that the value of national construction will be as high as $37 billion per annum. That represents nearly a 60% increase from just over five years ago. Commercial work alone is expected to reach nearly $9 billion next year. In the residential sector, the Auckland Unitary Plan suggests over the next 30 years for 400,000 dwellings (over 13,000 houses per year), are needed for up to 1 million residents coming to Auckland.

The sector is already one of the largest employers in New Zealand. It employs more people than the primary sector (agriculture, fisheries, forestry) and ranks only behind retail, health, and professional services.

There are opportunities in the market right now like we have never seen before. But there are also risks relating to capacity, competence, the supply chain and procurement processes.  What areas do we need to focus for the sector to remain competitive not just at a local level but globally?
3.15pm Afternoon Tea
3:45pm Bringing it all together
Panel session

What have we learnt today? Can we form a consensus around what the key action points are that need to be taken forward? Is it possible to form a view about the construction sector’s attitude to change in the sector?  Is an industry-transformation framework tailored to New Zealand the right way to go about it? If not, then why not? What are the alternatives.
5:00pm Summing up 
5:15 Close
7.30pm Gala Dinner - Royal NZ Yacht Squadron


Friday 4 August
9.00am – 12.30 pm
Site Visits

Parallel and alternating tours to Commercial Bay and International Convention Centre
NB: numbers are limited, bookings essential.