Gary Walker

Executive General Manager – Hawkins Construction

Gary has experience in a wide range of senior construction and design-related roles throughout the world. He has significant experience in the leadership of large site based construction teams, internal departments, regional business units, multidisciplinary design teams and multiple stakeholder environments.

As Executive General Manager of Hawkins Construction, Gary actively promotes holistic, whole of life and human factor based thinking. Gary is responsible for all aspects of the Hawkins Construction business from setting the strategic vision and direction to overseeing operational delivery. Gary is passionate about sustainability. His focus is on the built environment and is responsible for the overall management and wof projects nationwide, driving improvement in project delivery.
Gary will be one of the panellists at Constructive.

 “I work to foster a team environment by making sure people understand one another’s roles, our principles and culture and that innovation and idea sharing through collaboration is always encouraged and supported.
It is important that our teams have the tools and technology to work as effectively and efficiently as possible, so I am focussed on ensuring that as a business we are embracing new thinking and technology in ways that will empower our staff.”
Gary is a member of several industry bodies including being a Board Director of both the New Zealand Green Building Council and SiteSafe. Both of these directorships allow him to pursue his goals for sustainability of people and places.