Industry Director - Civil Infrastructure

John is a leading specialist in major project delivery, is a past Managing Director of AECOM in New Zealand and is currently leading major project delivery for AECOM in Sydney.

He has strong business management skills and extensive experience in Project Management and Team Leadership. These are best exemplified by his Project Director roles on the design of the $2bn North South Bypass Tunnel in Brisbane, $1bn Transmission Gully PPP in New Zealand and the tender for $4bn East West Link in Melbourne. 

Other highway and tunnel projects include leadership of the tender design for Waterview Tunnel in Auckland, Board member on the Causeway Alliance, Design Manager on the refurbishment of the Terrace and Victoria Tunnels in Wellington, commercial aspects of the tender design for the $4bn Airport Link Project in Brisbane and design manager on the Channel Tunnel Project in England. Read More

John will be a panellist at Constructive

In recent years John has had extensive experience in governance roles on major projects (typically > $200m). He has varyingly worked within the senior management team on projects, been a member of the steering group overseeing the projects performance or as a company director with overall responsibility for business outcomes. In his current role John is actively involved in establishing the commercial frameworks for major transport projects that AECOM is participating in in NSW. His experience in major project delivery in New Zealand and Australia provides an ideal vantage point to observe varying approaches to project procurement and delivery across the region.